RELOCATING YOUR FAMILY? What an opportunity.

So a new job beckons and the opportunity is too good to miss – trouble is, the job involves the entire family relocating overseas – oh dear!! All sounds very overwhelming doesn’t it? But not so. In the right hands your overseas move should be a seamless exercise in moving home and embracing change. So what’s involved?


This should be a given, a move to a new country needs thought and you should research your new homeland thoroughly. Collect as much information as you possibly can regarding laws, customs, cost of living and anything else that gives you a feel for the culture you’re entering into. Engage in local schools, requests brochures and check online feedback and forums. Engage a relocation company to support in the early days. Don’t forget your insurances and all the health coverage you will need. DENTISTS!! Register with doctors and investigate your nearest medical rooms. Hopefully these won’t be needed but you never know. RELOCATION COMPANIES Consider reaching out to a relocation company ahead of the move. They can offer you great local knowledge, ensure you don’t miss out on a rental opportunity and get the meetings with schools set up. They will support with all doctors, medical rooms and any form filling that needs to be done. On hand for all that support ahead of the move.


Dependent on where you’re heading you may need to obtain an international driver permit. Check online and make the application. If you plan to ship your vehicle overseas, dependent on where you’re going it could be a far more cost-effective option than buying a new car. Remember to check local driving laws and pay attention to which side of the road you’ll need to drive on before you take the plunge with regards to shipping.


You can’t just turn up without the correct visas/passports and making an application for new ones can take months. Be prepared.

REMOVAL COMPANIES An international move is far more complex than a local one. Take time to research companies with a track record of overseas relocation. Again check online reviews and forums. Get a minimum of three quotes as these costs can spiral out of control. Take this move as an opportunity to declutter the home. You will be surprised at how much we collect over the years that serve no purpose in our lives. Get rid of what you don’t need. Remember this is a fresh start.


Children can often worry about the unknown when it comes to a big move so make sure they are fully involved in all the plans. Ensure they have a say about what type of house they’d like to live in and what sort of school would suit them. Of course you are the parent so ultimately you will make the decisions but always incorporate any views your children may have. A new language barrier can add to the anxiety of the move so again be prepared and ensure you seek out any expat communities to ensure your children understand they are not the only ones in this position. The more play dates you can arrange in the early days of your move, the easier the adjustment.


Moving to a new place abroad is exciting, it’s an opportunity that should not be overlooked. Buy guide books and plan trips and outings. It’s family bonding time and should be embraced. Be excited it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


Every week there seems to be a new story about “Cycling being the new golf”.

So why has cycling become ever increasingly popular with men and women alike and why has golf become a little more of a second rate cousin?  The appeal of golf has almost become it’s undoing.  Modern life thrives on a fast and frenetic paced choice of exercise whereas golf’s appeal is a little more meditative and doesn’t tick the box of the busy mind.

Cycling is a beautiful sport and more and more people have caught the cycling bug.  So why is this? What is it about being on 2 wheels that makes so many people happy?  Firstly the health benefits are clear to understand.  Participants feel healthier, physically fitter with generally happier.  Anxiety can be alleviated and depression can be lifted.

We all know the golf course can replicate the boardroom and some of the best business deals have been struck in this environment.  Cycling is no different for networking, a group of 20 cyclist can involved 20 industries, what a way to professionally connect.  It’s a sport that literally anyone can do, it has no class and it is certainly not elitist.

Sounds like we should all park the car, dust off our bikes and ride in the saddle of this sport that’s taken over our roads.


It is hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and no matter how prepared you think you are, a good housekeeper is always one step ahead.

So what is the key to a stress free festive season and how can we achieve it whilst remaining calm, collected and fashionably on trend.

‘Pick a theme for decorating your house, choose a colour way that enhances your home and pick out items in stores as soon as you see them. The wow factor is what you need to impress.

An organised housekeeper will make a note of the last delivery times for your online shop. Fill your digital basket as and when you see festive treats. It’s all about saving time.

A clean home lifts your mood, if you have a housekeeper on board, this is a given, however, a little extra sparkle goes a long way at this time of year.

You’ll agree that nothing beats getting into a freshly laundered bed whilst ensuring you have ample linen available at all times. Why not go that extra mile with little festive toiletries to make your guests feel extra special.

‘When hosting Christmas lunch for family and friends, it a good idea to buy small individual table gifts to add to the fun… isn’t it nice to make people feel loved?

Having an experienced helping hand at this time of year is all part and parcel of a wonderful holiday season for everyone. One last and important note to remember… the very special person who helped make this all happen…. Your housekeeper.

For more information on recruiting domestic staff contact:

Tel: 01372 469378



LONDON CALLING for Surrey Housekeepers

Answering to more and more calls to work in the capital, Surrey Housekeepers are very proud to announce the birth of London Private Staff a specialised division of their very busy Surrey agency.

London Private Staff will be managed by a small and dedicated team taking care of the growing numbers of discerning clients seeking the very best in private staff.


Domestic Couples… Domestic Bliss?

The demand for highly experienced domestic couples continues to grow as families require more for their money. Hiring a couple can be straight-forward however, getting the combined strengths from both parties is key. So what is required and what living arrangements need to be in place to ensure a long and stable relationship?

Relevant experience on both parts is vital and basic skills need to be met in the first instance. One part of the couple definitely needs to be able to drive all manner of vehicles with a clean UK or EU driving licence. The other should have meticulous standards when it comes to housekeeping. Beyond these basic requirements one counterpart would take on all the essential maintenance in the home achieving a safe environment and on hand to repair and mend when needed. The garden is a key area which will need tending; experience in this field is vital to fully reap the benefits of hiring a couple. The individual needs horticultural skills and an understanding of irrigation, planting, garden machinery and of course the aesthetics not forgetting the seasonal demands of a garden. Cooking is a valuable skill to be thoroughly embraced and enjoyed by all members of the family. High end dinner party fayre or good home cooking, whatever your requirements, ensure you trial as no one person has the same standards in the kitchen. Laundry is a vital component of the job. Every family no matter how many members generate washing and this needs to be embraced by an excellent laundress who is well versed with fabric care.

So where do your dream team live? Typically a domestic partnership will be a married couple so it would be wise to offer separate accommodation with all the expected amenities. One bedroom will suffice but a fully functioning kitchen is a must to ensure privacy on both parts is respected.

Whatever your requirements be it security, gardening, driving, cooking, pool care, maintenance, housekeeping OR childcare, it is all in a days’ work for a successful domestic couple.

Finding one on the other hand is an altogether different story.

Happiness and Harmony At Home


Our homes are an extension of who we are and how we live our lives. From the moment you step into someone’s house you get a measure of the character that resides there. A messy environment can have a negative impact on our mood and therefore our health, so what simple changes can we make to adjust our outlook on life and therefore promote happiness and harmony within the home?


  1. Making your bed in the morning is proven to be the simplest of tasks that has a positive impact on your day.
  2. Clutter causes stress – order creates a haven. Spend 3 minutes on each room first thing in the morning to get the room ready for the day ahead, don’t add to yesterday’s chaos as an out of control environment breeds negative energy.
  3. Sentimental photographs and objects enhance mood, surplus items create mess. Make your home a gallery of positivity.
  4. Gratitude is key to attracting wealth and well-being. At the end of each day, spend a minute or two reflecting on the positives of the day, maybe write down a line or two and save in your journal.
  5. We all overstretch ourselves and people please. Try to make fewer plans and don’t stress about saying no. Being true to yourself allows for a richer and more fulfilling life.
  6. Ensure children have an active role in the maintenance of their home. One day they will walk in our shoes and simple adjustments now with ensure they respect the home place as much as they should.
  7. Paperwork is a curse of all busy households and unopened post and piles of bills create ill feeling amongst family members. Ensure you create a simple and effective filing system and utilise it every single day.
  8. Writing lists is key to decluttering the mind. Ensure there a pads around the house to write down ideas or must dos. You will be amazed at how sleep is enhanced when you have off-loaded the mind.
  9. Spend a minute or two everyday connecting with something greater than yourself. Meditation is proven to improve happiness. Take a spiritual walk through nature, create a home spa, whatever, soothes your soul, indulge and take the time. You deserve it.
  10. Time with your loved ones cannot be underestimated. It’s the richest part of our lives and we must invest the time in the people we care about. Simple tweaks and adjustments to the way we live our lives can create a haven to allow special moments to happen without the added clutter getting in the way.


Workplace Pensions for Domestic Staff

Since the Pensions Act of 2008 we all have to offer a workplace pension if we employ anyone aged 22 and over earning around £10,000 and above. It may feel daunting but there is plenty of information and help put there to make it simple. If you already employ domestic staff and are registered as an employer with HMRC then no doubt they will have made you aware of that you have to offer a scheme by April 2017. For help with understanding your costs have a look at The Pensions Regulator website.

We work closely with Parental Choice in East Molesey, they offer help with payroll and tax etc for families hiring staff in their home. We find them so helpful to clients and can take all the stress away regarding tax, national insurance and offer excellent advice.



New Year

Here we are at the start of a new year and all feeling ready to make changes and start new habits, with this in mind we asked a few of the housekeepers we placed recently to give us some tips for a cleaner and more organised home.

Limescale and mildew take a long time to remove if you leave it to the deep clean. Save time, money and the environment by making up your own daily shower spritz. 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, spray after each shower.